4 Joomla Extensions to Spruce Up the Interface of Your Website

When you think of content management systems, Joomla would assuredly be one of the first names that enter your head. While WordPress has proved to be perfect as a content management system, it is fine tuned for blog publishing. If you are looking to run a website rather than a blog, Joomla would be the ideal tool. There is a multitude of themes available, free and paid alike to suit virtually any type of website. However, you may be looking to make certain minor adjustments to your interface to personalize the appearance to perfection. Using a plugin to make such modifications is certainly less of a hassle. Additionally, a good percentage of Joomla users have little to no knowledge in terms of web design. Here are 4 extensions that can be used to make various customizations to the visual style of your Joomla website.

Ever wanted to single out certain pieces of text to make it distinct from the rest of your content? Perhaps you are looking to emphasize certain points. Of course, the good ‘ol bold or italics options is available, but where’s the originality in that? With NifyBox, you can seamlessly create a separate highlighted box with rounded corners for various bits of information in an article. The color of the box can be customized in the preferences. The box can be made to float to a particular direction if required.

If you enjoy playing around with code, XTypo will make it a lot more convenient. Instead of hard coding CSS, you can use XTypo to easily integrate any modifications using CSS. This will save you time and make the whole process simpler.

JB Type is a versatile tool to add various unique customizations to your Joomla website. JB Type basically offers similar functionality to shortcodes in WordPress. JB Type allows you to incorporate classy web 2.0 icons as well as innovative styles for anything ranging from bullet points to block quotes.

iJoomla Sidebars is the perfect tool if you are looking to provide multiple options to your user. As the name suggests, iJoomla Sidebars allows you to add a sidebar to your website. In fact, you have the option of adding as many sidebars as you prefer. However, ideally, having one or two would be best. The sidebar can comprise of an array of aspects ranging from ads to post listings such as latest or popular posts. Apart from the added features and accessibility for your readers, sidebars also give the website a more professional look as a sidebar is basically a standard element of any website.

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